About Us

Eco Green Foundation.


A project for “Save Nature Do Agriculture”.

We are all aware of the literal meaning of the word eco-friendly. The world have evolved into a global village where pollution, disasters, diseases have spread to a maximum range. But now we forget to save our nature. The only bonding with our nature to enjoy the blessings of nature, varieties of tastes, different feelings, and with different energy. Even we cannot count- But even we never say thank you or thought of save our mother god nature. Lets join hands together to save nature do agriculture.

Mr Sagayam, ( Founder &CEO) realized that today nature is in a feverish alarm. Through Eco Green Foundation.  We wish to provide dense green foliage to our kids from who we have borrowed this world. People need food and water to survive and lack of innovation in the field may surface difficulties with the already shrinking resources. Taking into account of the present scenario, a formidable idea looms over us that immense wealth may not find us our basic survival requirements in the near future. Thus the organization wants to do its part to diminish these effects among the dissuading public and supporting factors. For more details, visit our Projects.

Vision  2020

Understanding what makes each of these aspects of our world part of the process of changing and conserving our resources; and learning how to get started making a difference is the first thing we have to learn.

  • Our main vision Plastics  is our silent enemy, just finish it silently.
  • Effectively implements to improve green cover and make a replacement of plastics into a landfill. Example: ECO PLATES (Healthy & Hygiene).


  • Train farmers to attain self-sufficiency in their villages, with modern and sophisticated technology, thereby maximizing their yield and finding profitable markets for their commodities.
  • Women Empowerment through capacity building and creating rural enterprises.


  • we promote self-Help Groups, Unemployed Youth, Entrepreneurs. By Training, Supply of Raw Material, Technical know-how. And buy back the finished products.
  • Complete support provided also Encouraging products which are comes under Biodegradable & Eco friendly.
  • This project has been aimed as a community based development program, income generating Activity, poverty alleviation program.

Mission 2020.

  • To educate the importance of Farming.
  • To educate about how plastics are affecting microbes and how it’s creating pollution in water, land, air.
  •  To educate people about our organic products.
  • To train all unemployed women in small scale industries.
  • Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment. 
  • Its all about taking small steps towards mother earth so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come.
  • To bring people by creating awareness about our organic products to come under one Umbrella.


Our Organisation policy:

  • Eco Green foundation supports for our own organic products which are made by the manufacturers (large &small Scale industries) and trade agreement.
  • We encourage and market for Women made products.
  •  We Market for products only from agriculture based products which are dosen't degrade nature resources
  • A large emphasis for non-producing businesses can be placed on the management of supplies. Buying local may not always be the most responsible way to get supplies, but it can be as well.
  • Everything from the way that products are displayed and advertised, how waste is recycled, whether or not changes can be made to the basic operations of a business will all work towards making them more environmentally responsible.
  • Respect every human beings and never differentiate on their gender, disabilities, religious, color, poor and rich etc.



Eco Green Never Support:

  1. Any program or culture against humanity or any kind of things that people do for pleasure against nature resource. 
  2. Neither support nor encourage any political activities or join with any political leaders and doing favors to him etc
  3. We do not market any Company Branded products which are comes from large scale manufacturings or any chemical manipulations products such as chemical soaps, washing powders, acid, washing liguids, etc.
  4. Strongly not support to work against Nature Friendly.


Eco green projects:  “your one stop shop for eco friendly home products”.

A good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, planting more trees and many more.

Due to plastic pollution and awareness of this kind of Eco friendly Bio degradable items there is a growing demand for leaf plates and cups in global level.

This particulars project has been developed before 9 years. This project has been aimed as a community based development programme, income generating Activity, poverty alleviation programme.

The beneficiaries Are:-

  • 1. Areca Nut farmers (An Extra Income through wasted leaves)
  • 2. Leaf collection Labours.
  • 3. Transporters
  • 4. Entrepreneurs
  • 5. Consumers

This “Wealth from waste concept” is a on going process by Eco Green Foundation.We manufacture high quality machinery for Areca Leaf Products. For inquiries by mail us at ecogreenfoundations@gmail.com.

We promote self-Help Groups, Unemployed Youth, Entrepreneurs. By Training, Supply of Raw Material, Technical know-how. And buy back the finished products.

Eco plates (our brand Name Regd.)

  • 1. Eco plates are healthy and hygienic
  • 2. Alternative to plastics.
  • 3. Can be used for serving food items in Parties, Functions, Hotels, Restaurants, and Buffets.
  • 4. Healthy Hygienic and unique.
  • 5. Biodegradable & Eco friendly.

Get Invoved:

Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than we think. we don’t have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of our normal life. Here are some ways you can begin to become more environmentally friendly.

  • Become More Aware of Resources.
  • Buy Locally Grown Products.
  • . Use Less Fossil Fuel Based Products.
  • 4 R’s of Waste Hierarchy.(Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  • Compositing.
  • Reduce use of harmful chemicals.
  • Educate others.
  • Join environment Groups.


Membership and Giving:



Mr. Sagayam Founder of Eco Green Foundations.

No D301. MGR St,

Cholavaram nagar. Chambers colony




Access to financial services is a key element in the process of socio-economic empowerment of the financially under-served sections of the society. Proponents often claim that microfinance lifts people out of poverty, but the evidence is mixed. What it does do, however, is to enhance financial inclusion. At Eco Green Foundation, we support initiatives to enhance access to financial services by bridging gaps wherever there are missing markets, to improve livelihood opportunities and productivity in the country and bring more people into the socio-economic mainstream, thus contributing to the full realisation of Tamil Nadu vast untapped market.  Our engagement with the MFIs has evolved over time, and we now focus on:


  • Establishing a healthy and profitable lending business through relationships with select MFIs.
  • Investing in building deeper and concurrent monitoring and control mechanisms to enable healthy growth of the microfinance sector.
  • Need for more dissemination and adoption of rural, agricultural micro finance methodologies

Our Eco Green Foundation provides financial assistance to select MFIs in the form of term loans. The Organisation also invests in Pass through Certificates where the underlying comprises of loans originated by MFIs. Besides, the organisation also provides other value added services to MFIs like cash management services, made-to-order current accounts, savings/salary accounts and treasury products, which enable them to invest their liquid funds.