A project for “Save Nature Do Agriculture”.

We are all aware of the literal meaning of eco-friendly. The world have evolved into a global village where pollution, disasters, diseases are keep on spreading at the maximum. But now we forget to save our nature.

The only bonding with our nature to enjoy the blessings of nature, varieties of tastes, different feelings, and with different energy. Even we cannot count- But even we never thank or thought of save our mother god nature. Let’s join hands together to save nature do agriculture.

Mr Sagayam G, (Founder & CEO) realized that today’s nature is in a feverish alarm, and thus he found Eco Green Foundation by which we can inject the natural medicine to the anti elements against our nature.  We wish to provide dense green foliage to our kids from whom we have borrowed this world. People need food and water to survive and lack of innovation in the field may surface difficulties with the already shrinking resources. Taking into account of the present scenario, a formidable idea looms over us that immense wealth may not find us our basic survival requirements in the near future. Thus the organization wants to do its part to diminish these effects among the dissuading public and supporting factors. For more details, visit our Projects.