Micro Finance


Access to financial services is a key element in the process of socio-economic empowerment of the financially under-served sections of the society. Proponents often claim that microfinance lifts people out of poverty, but the evidence is mixed. What it does do, however, is to enhance financial inclusion. At Eco Green Foundation, we support initiatives to enhance access to financial services by bridging gaps wherever there are missing markets, to improve livelihood opportunities and productivity in the country and bring more people into the socio-economic mainstream, thus contributing to the full realisation of Tamil Nadu vast untapped market. Our engagement with the MFIs has evolved over time, and we now focus on:


  1.  Establishing a healthy and profitable lending business through relationships with select MFIs.
  2. Investing in building deeper and concurrent monitoring and control mechanisms to enable healthy growth of the microfinance sector.
  3. Need for more dissemination and adoption of rural, agricultural micro finance methodologies


Our Eco Green Foundation provides financial assistance to select MFIs in the form of term loans. The Organisation also invests in Pass through Certificates where the underlying comprises of loans originated by MFIs. Besides, the organisation also provides other value added services to MFIs like cash management services, made-to-order current accounts, savings/salary accounts and treasury products, which enable them to invest their liquid funds.