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Learning to be more environmentally friendly is easier than we think. we don't have to jump in by changing everything, start small to make the changes more sustainable and a part of our normal life. Here are some ways you can begin to become more environmentally friendly.

  1. Become More Aware of Resources.
  2. Buy Locally Grown Products.
  3. Use Less Fossil Fuel Based Products.
  4. 4 R's of Waste Hierarchy.(Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)
  5. Compositing.
  6. Reduce use of harmful chemicals.
  7. Educate others.
  8. Join environment Groups.


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Mr. Sagayam Founder of Eco Green Foundations.
No.11, Tiruneermalai Rd, Near Reliance Wholesale Market
Nagalkeni, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044