Vision & Mision

Vision 2020

Understanding what makes each of these aspects of our world part of the process of changing and conserving our resources; and learning how to get started making a difference is the first thing we have to learn.

  • Our main vision Plastics is our silent enemy, just finish it silently.
  • Effectively implements to improve green cover and make a replacement of plastics into a landfill. Example: ECO PLATES and Containers (Healthy & Hygiene).
  • Train farmers to attain self-sufficiency in their villages, with modern and sophisticated technology, thereby maximizing their yield and finding profitable markets for their commodities.
  • Women Empowerment through capacity building and creating rural enterprises.
  • We promote self-Help Groups, Unemployed Youth, Entrepreneurs. By Training, Supply of Raw Material, Technical know-how. And buy back the finished products.
  • Complete support provided also Encouraging products which are comes under Biodegradable & Eco friendly.
  • This project has been aimed as a community based development program, income generating Activity, poverty alleviation program.


Mission 2020.

  • To educate the importance of Farming.
  • To educate about how plastics are affecting microbes and how it’s creating pollution in water, land, air.
  • To educate people about our organic products.
  • To train all unemployed women in small scale industries.
  • Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment. 
  • It’s all about taking small steps towards mother earth so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come.
  • To bring people by creating awareness about our organic products to come under one Umbrella.